Don’t Worry, Be Happy


A Young Spirit

It was my daughter’s 21st birthday. Dinner was finished and cake and ice cream were about to be served. As I looked out on my three grown children I was amazed at how quickly the years had gone by. My youngest was now 18 years old. My daughter was a college graduate....

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When Laughter Hurts

While visiting mother at the Nursing Home in N.W. Calgary we were having a conversation and I was fixing her hair and placing a colorful barrette in it. Mom hadn’t laughed at anything in a long time so we were both almost a pair of old sourpusses. Lately I seemed to...

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Your Inner Angel

I saw another angel recently. Sometimes it is hard to spot them because they are so good at disguises. There was no white robe on this one. She was wearing a faded, flowered, sun dress not suited for the Winter weather. Her coat too was well worn and probably older...

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Enjoy Life

Based on the stories she told again and again, I concluded she had once been a well-to-do woman. But now, as a resident in a nursing home, she was left with only a limited wardrobe and a few photos of her family.As I looked at her, I tried to imagine what she must...

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Happiness… What’s the Secret?

So glad you decided to take a little breather in the midst of a hurried world.First, I want to say, “Thank you!” How absolutely grateful I am to those who inquired about the results of my eye procedure. I know, it’s kind of crazy being blind and talking about this....

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