When Peace Like a River…

Can I Ever Forgive Myself?Grief affects people in different ways. Some grow closer to their family members, others push those close to them away because of their perspective of the circumstances.I found myself at odds with my cousin after the death of her dad. Any...

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It’s Worth It

The mattock cut into the ground again and again. Every time I raised it I slammed it down even harder. It felt as heavy in my arms as my broken heart did in my chest. Still, I powered through the pain and finished loosening up the dirt. I tossed the mattock aside,...

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Grieving MY Way

Grieving is as specific to the person as it is to the circumstances themselves.I watched various measures of grief when my father died. As I faced my final chances to tell him how much I loved him and what a wonderful father and Christian example he had been to me, I...

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By My Dad’s Bedside

It is hard to write when your heart is breaking, but something deep inside me needs to say this right now. At this moment I am sitting in a chair by my Dad’s bedside in the nursing home where he has lived for the past few months. His breathing is slowly getting more...

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A Good Comforting

"I have heard all this before. What miserable comforters you are!" Job 16:2 NLT Regardless of where she went, she couldn't find comfort.Leah and her husband were never apart. They even volunteered at the same place after they retired. Both appeared to be in good...

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