The Super Highway

It was nearly time for the evangelistic meeting to begin when I hurried outside to plug in the floodlights that illuminated the sign on the front lawn. But something was definitely wrong: the lights wouldn’t come on! I played with the extension cord and reset the...

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Tell Them Now

Jake McLean had had a hard day at work, but he was finally able to sit down and relax. He turned on the TV and the first thing he saw was a minister. He was talking about how people can act like the perfect Christian as far as attitude goes, but how they still may...

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Judgment Day

You stand before God with sweaty palms and a racing heart. He's asking you only one question : Do you know and have you accepted my son?You replied confidently: Yes.Finally, He has granted you entry into heaven.As you are about to enter the golden gates, your friend...

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Great Commission