Seasoned With Love


The Pit

A traveller fell into a deep pit and couldn't get out. Several persons came along and saw him struggling in the pit.The Sensitive person said: "I feel for you down there"The reflective person said: "It's logical that someone would fall into the pit."The aesthetic...

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The Parachute

"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." – Jesus (John 15:13)Gregory Robertson, a parachute safety and training adviser and a veteran of several hundred parachute jumps, followed six other sky divers out of a plane 2 miles above...

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Tell That Man Who He Is

What would it take to change someone's poor self-image? From loser to winner? From worthless nobody to valuable somebody? It's hard to say.USA Today carried a brief note on Sept. 25, 1997, about a marvellous rescue of a child. A homeless man in New York City saved the...

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God’s Love