My Shadow

The Shoes

A preacher had been told by the head of a great shoe factory, that if he found any poor people who needed shoes, he could come to him and get them. In making his rounds one day soon afterward, the minister invited a man to attend his church.“I would like to go,” said...

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Still Doing All These Things

I recently read a story of a woman who for years was married to a harsh husband. Each day he would leave her a list of chores to complete before he returned at the end of the day. "Clean the yard. Stack the firewood. Wash the windows. . . ."If she didn't complete the...

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Albert Braun

Greatness is too often defined by an unusual act of courage or a life of extraordinary merit or virtue. But glimpses of greatness can be seen all around us, and especially in those who genuinely care for others.Father Albert Braun was such a man. After his ordination,...

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A Bird in a Cage

This is a story about a singing bird. This bird didn't sing in the open, away from buildings and people. It didn't fly from tree to tree. In fact this bird had very little freedom. It's home was a cage, and not a very large cage at that.The cage hung on a nail outside...

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Big Feet, Bigger Heart

It was an unseasonably hot day. Everybody it seemed, was looking for some kind of relief, so an ice cream store was a natural place to stop.A little girl, clutching her money tightly, entered the store. Before she could say a word, the store clerk sharply told her to...

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God’s Hands