My Shadow

Just Do Something

I once stopped behind several cars in an intersection. The winter weather was icy cold and a strong artic wind blew relentlessly. Ahead of me a young woman stood alongside the street rubbing her bare hands together and dancing in place to keep warm. Beside her rested...

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The Image of My Father

Daniel is big. He used to make his living by lifting weights and teaching others to do the same. His scrapbook is colorful with ribbons and photos of him in his prime, striking the muscle-man pose and flexing the bulging arms.The only thing bigger than Daniel's biceps...

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Nellie’s Hand

Many of my childhood memories are blocked, but there are a few that I hold dear to my heart. While most are shaded with sadness, they also hold precious moments with my siblings.My father was abusive and immature and my mother was mentally ill, so I learned at an...

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The Mission

"I'm on a mission!" He told me."What is this mission?" I asked."To find what my purpose is in life," he replied."Have you been on this mission long?""I'm 56. I've been in search of it all of my life," he said."How sad!" I told him.He was shocked to hear that from me....

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Mail Call

"OK men, listen up! I want each of you to sit down this evening and write a letter home. I know that each of you will be telling your family how much you love the United States Army. Is that fully understood?" Said Sergeant O'Rouke, the leader of our squad."YES SIR!"...

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The Messenger

"Are you the one?"I've asked myself that question thousands of times through the years.You see, all of the answers I need in life always come through people. Everyday people I meet along the way.All the truly important things in life I've learned the hard way. God...

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A Second Chance

Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington D.C. has a remarkable story. Williams was born to an unwed teen who gave him up. He was known as a "problem child" in foster care. By age three, An­thony had still never spoken a word. It seemed that a pattern for his life was set,...

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God’s Hands