A Little Lost Deer

Mother of Mexico

She looked at the rubble pile, this piece of real estate, already in disrepair then devastated by an earthquake, and she knew somehow they would raise the money needed for the purchase, some $130,000. This was to be the new location for an organization that helped...

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Being a Servant

During the years of my pastorate, a man came to my town with an intention to bring division in my congregation. He was going to start a new church and hoped to use some members of my congregation to help him do it. The Lord spoke to me and said, "Become his servant."...

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Quicker on the Draw

Recently on a trip to Alaska to visit old friends, escape the south Texas smoldering heat and do a lot of much needed fishing I had a short layover in the Houston terminal. Gravitating to a food bar I got a large cup of iced tea and had a seat to wait the hour or so....

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God’s Hands