Elves in P.E.I.?

Do you believe in elves? You know, those magical creatures that come out of the woods to surprise you with unbelievable services provided in secret? I sure do, especially since my last visit to Prince Edward Island!Let me explain.We had arrived at our first campground...

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Eastern Courtesy

Although I am quite content to live in my own province, I have noticed a great difference between it and the eastern provinces of Canada.Take the campgrounds for example. In order to reduce the cost of accommodations and food, we pull a tent trailer and stay in...

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Eastern Hospitality

Our last full day on Prince Edward Island sounded promising. We had made reservations in Alberton to take a boat tour to see the Blue Heron colony and to visit Sand Hill Island. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and we made sure to arrive 30 minutes early. We...

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Goldilocks was the nickname we gave a runaway teen we found in the woods of a neighborhood park. We soon found out that she was wanted by the police, but not wanted at home.Where did she hope to go? What did she want to do? Who could we get to help her?Where did she...

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Hidden Residue

I was looking for a decent sized empty bottle to fill with water in preparation for a two hour drive. Surveying the situation I came across a used plastic Coke bottle that the family had consumed the previous evening.Because I am fussy about fresh tasting water I...

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Lost in St. John

If you have ever visited a big city for the first time, you probably know what it's like to find yourself so lost that it seems like you're driving in a maze! And you can probably relate to my family and I when we arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick. Oh, we had a...

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God’s Hands