My Shadow

In My World

I live in a fantasy world. I come outside once in a while, look around and hurry back to the comfort of my imagination.I love stand up and cheer stories on the big screen that warm your heart, make you sigh and shed tears of joy.I love come-from-behind moments just...

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Good Blessings

He was seventy five years old or so, dressed in well worn clothes.His face was pale and gaunt, with sweat trickling down his wrinkled brow. He was struggling to walk down the side of a busy thoroughfare, while pushing an old, rusted moped alongside of him.A tattered...

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Except for Six Strangers

It was extremely hot and humid. Any movement at all caused perspiration to form on my brow eventually running like a fresh rain down my face.I had arrived early and was standing in the parking lot.After a few minutes I wandered inside to find a place out of the sun...

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Little Acts of Kindness

As I loaded dishes into the dishwasher, I sang along with the radio. My grandson looked up from the picture he was coloring and said, "Grandma, there’s one thing about you that I don’t like." Anticipating what he was going to say, I asked, "What? That I sing all the...

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Too Busy to do Housework

It's been one of those way too busy weeks. I've been much too busy to do housework. Of course, when something has to go from the to-do list, I have to admit, I really love scratching the cleaning off my list.Imagine me trying to be sincere as I whine, "I so wish I had...

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God’s Hands