Irena Sendler

I was eating dinner in my recliner and watching the television news when I saw this strange, almost comical looking woman.I decided to change the channel but my remote stopped working so I was forced to watch the news segment.Within minutes, tears filled my eyes when...

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A Flower for Leourn

We were out to change the world. This was our time, our senior year. My best friend Beth and I had big dreams... big hopes for our last year in high school. We had prayed and we were ready for the miracle we knew we would see. With great anticipation we started the...

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Color My World

We've been doing some painting around our house. My two college boys room together and you wouldn't believe how tough it can be for two guys to agree on a color. Of course, I had to veto the one color they both liked. Sorry, but black is out. It turns the room into a...

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Bobby’s new Shoes

On a cold winter morning in the late 1930s Bobby awoke early.It wasn't a day that would be remembered by many, nor would it go down in history as especially important. But it was a day that Bobby would never forget.Bobby, his mother, and his three younger brothers...

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God’s Hands