A Celebration

To be a fatheris a most amazing giftAn awesome responsibilityto guide, to share to learn, to teachFinding a capacity to loveyou never knew possibleThen feeling it grow year after yearTo know you'll always be therejust to be DadBeing so proud you could bust at the...

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Father’s Day Gift

Bitter and angry was Jim as he shared his early childhood years to the chaplain. He relayed the story of a teacher asking his Grade 3 class to colour a piece of paper that was cut out in the form of a necktie. This would be a gift for their fathers on Father's Day....

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The Story of Father’s Day

Father's Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards. In fact when a "father's day" was first proposed there were no Father's Day cards!Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first...

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Father’s Day