Beach Encounter

One crisp, early November morning, I took a brisk walk on a beach near my home. Except for the gentle surf and some screeching seagulls, the beach was silent and deserted. Emotionally, I was reeling under the stress of a recent difficult divorce. How was it possible...

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Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Then Joseph said to his brothers, ''I am about to die. But God will surely come to your aid and take you up out of this land to the land He promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.'' -- Genesis 50:24I was boarding the airplane in Frankfurt, Germany, when a mentor...

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Enduring Portraits

Beneath the softly spoken grandeurOf the stirring wind filled trees;Earth is blanketed, majesticallyWith God's awesome colored leaves.Now, the leaves they die and wither,And their passing man bereaves.Yet, this show' is far from overFor another act, God weaves;To...

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I Saw a Vision of Jesus

EthiopiaI was born into a family who practiced witchcraft, and they dedicated me to an evil spirit. One night an evil spirit came to me where I was sleeping and insisted that I should kill myself. Then I saw a vision that looked like a fire that came from heaven. I...

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Experiencing God