My Shadow

The Moment

I've never seen him sitting anywhere else. Even as I pull up along side their modest one bedroom apartment I can see in the front door.As always he is at his kitchen table. It's small and very cluttered. There is only one chair for anyone visiting. One is more than...

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Take the Weight Off

"Hi, Hun!" Ginny said as I came in the door. "Heather and Elizabeth are here.""Hi, Baby!" I hugged Ginny.She kissed me. "Welcome home, Baby.""It's good to be home." I turned to my step and granddaughters. "Hey, Heather!You taking a break from the boys?" She has three...

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A Flower for Leourn

We were out to change the world. This was our time, our senior year. My best friend Beth and I had big dreams... big hopes for our last year in high school. We had prayed and we were ready for the miracle we knew we would see. With great anticipation we started the...

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Thanks, Friend!

I once saw an elderly man get hit by a double decker bus. It happened in the middle of Glasgow many years ago. I was returning home from an all night party with a bunch of friends. The old man was coming towards us and he got clipped by the outside wing mirror of the...

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