My Shadow

Encouraging Others

I read of a man involved in a terrible accident. When they freed his mangled body, there was so little life left that he was almost given up for dead. But when the surgeons had finished their work there remained only a wreck of a man.Both legs were gone; the left arm...

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The Gift of Pick-Me-Up

"We are confident that you are meant for better things, things that come with salvation." Hebrews 6:9 NLTOur friendship is ten years old. I met him when things in my life had taken a turn south. He was my middle brother's pastor and had been a pastor to my parents. In...

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Patching Potholes

There is an old joke that I hear every Spring here in the mountains of my home. A police officer sees a car swerving erratically on the road ahead. After pulling the car over he walks up to question the driver. The man looks out his car window and says: "I know what...

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