Darkness and Light


The Gift of Pick-Me-Up

"We are confident that you are meant for better things, things that come with salvation." Hebrews 6:9 NLTOur friendship is ten years old. I met him when things in my life had taken a turn south. He was my middle brother's pastor and had been a pastor to my parents. In...

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Patching Potholes

There is an old joke that I hear every Spring here in the mountains of my home. A police officer sees a car swerving erratically on the road ahead. After pulling the car over he walks up to question the driver. The man looks out his car window and says: "I know what...

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What Are So Few Bibles?

Yesterday, God answered a question that I had asked in a moment of discouragement over 42 years ago — and I was blessed beyond words!A friend and I had taken Bibles with us into Russia, even though it involved considerable danger, because doing so was strictly...

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