Darkness and Light


One Who Plants a Garden

I thought for a moment "What purpose is there in planting anything new this year in my garden?"This is, as you may know, my last year here.To add to it might bring me pleasure if I am here to see it come to fullness.But there is a chance I might never see it grow.In...

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A Touch of Encouragement

Like many people, I want mine shortly after my feet hit the floor in the morning. Without it, my morning doesn’t seem to proceed as smoothly.I love coffee. I suppose I inherited my adoration from my paternal grandparents since neither of my parents were coffee...

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You Can’t Beat Art… Or Can You?

The one thing I hear from most people is that they struggle with finding their "gift" or talent.The thing is most people have many gifts but they just don't see the value in them.Right now on public square in Wilkes Barre, Pa is the Fine Arts Fiesta.It's an annual...

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Who Rekindles Your Light?

An insightful woman, who had lived through numerous dark nights and days, once taught me about getting through difficult times. "I appreciate your outlook on life," I commented to Mrs. Tucker. I was in my twenties and she was fifty years older. In the short time I...

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Encouraging Others

I read of a man involved in a terrible accident. When they freed his mangled body, there was so little life left that he was almost given up for dead. But when the surgeons had finished their work there remained only a wreck of a man.Both legs were gone; the left arm...

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