My Shadow

One Sign

Watson Lake, Yukon, renowned for its Sign Post Forest, is nothing but a small village filled with hotels and sign posts.In 1942, a homesick soldier named Carl K. Lindley of Danville, Illinois decided to erect a sign that pointed the way home. He even indicated the...

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Mansions of Doom

Whitehorse, Yukon has a pair of unique skyscrapers made out of logs. Basically, they are stacked log cabins! These three-story skyscrapers consist of 5 apartments and one store. They are 58 logs high, with each log weighing a minimum of 300 pounds. It makes for a...

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I Used to Be Pretty

It is amazing how your brain can bring back to mind long forgotten memories, even insignificant ones. My youngest son, who is nearly twelve years old, was responsible for triggering a long forgotten memory this morning, an event in my life that happened when I was...

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