Darkness and Light


I Used to Be Pretty

It is amazing how your brain can bring back to mind long forgotten memories, even insignificant ones. My youngest son, who is nearly twelve years old, was responsible for triggering a long forgotten memory this morning, an event in my life that happened when I was...

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Quite a Character

I can remember when I was a child in grade school, my parents would attend the Parent Teacher Association meetings. I stayed at home shaking in my boots, fearful of what my teachers had to say about me.I don't know why. Most of the time when they returned home, my...

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Acknowledging a Special Treat

Going to see a movie has always been a very special treat for me and in more recent years perhaps it is the wide screen, those very comfortable lounge style chairs, the sensational surround sound, the larger than life images of the characters on screen and even the...

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