God Is My Rock

My Father’s Oldsmobile

I’ve never been anything spectacular, rather plain and average actually.I suppose a lot of words along such lines can be used to describe me. However, none would be quite so fitting as the one bestowed upon meduring my freshman year in college. An all encompassing...

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A Spy in the Land

I have three kids in college this year. The oldest two are boys. Boys tell you nothing. But all three go to the same college, so sending in a girl this year was really like sending a spy into the land. I told Kaley, "You'll be my eyes and ears at college." Of course,...

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Weighing Apples

“Good Morning America,” were the words I thought to myself as I woke up at 4:00am on October 28th. I still couldn’t believe I was back home in Lake Jackson, Texas. Just six months ago I was heading away from this place into the unknown land of Vietnam. Now I am back...

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