The Hidden Miracle

I Have Returned

It happened in the Philippines. General Douglas MacArthur had decided that in order to gain victory, he must delay direct action. Under cover of darkness, accompanied by just a few close aides, he left; but first he promised, "I will return." The end of that story is...

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The Lying Spirit

Dear Friends,There is power in the name of Jesus!Last evening as I slept, I was awoke by the Spirit and told to go and immediately see a dear friend of mine.I arrived to find my friend possessed of a foul, lying spirit who was trying to convince her to end her life.I...

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A true storyRoger was raised in a wonderful Christian home. His father was a minister in a small town. He was one of five brothers. The brothers were taken to church regularly and were taught to be moral and upright people. They also heard the gospel of Jesus Christ...

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The Sheltie

I am not the dreaming type.  It is rare that I remember any of my dreams, and when I do, they are never anything more than silly night images.  This is why, when I work up one morning with a vivid memory of a very strange dream, I couldn’t put it out of my...

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The Truth Shall Set You Free

There once was a boy named Billy. His grandfather had a sling shot. One day he asked his grandfather if he would teach him how to shoot the sling shot.His grandfather took into the back woods and began to teach the boy. The grandfather told Billy to go and practice...

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