The Hidden Miracle

4 Linnies 4 Sale

This story actually began about a couple of months before we left on our vacation. Four Lineolated Parakeets (linnies) in New Brunswick were being bullied by a larger parrot. The two males had already lost toes, and one of them was missing a large chunk of his beak....

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Fear of Cancer

What a privilege it was! A few days ago I talked with a beautiful person, someone that just oozed life’s experience. She had a depth to her that is missing in many people, because they haven’t had to travel the same journey.Mary had been diagnosed with breast cancer...

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The Large Bumble Bee

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.When I was about seven years old, I caught a large bumble bee by throwing my duffel coat over it. It was an act of bravado, which impressed...

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A Most Unusual Wake-up Call

We were camping in Darnley, Prince Edward Island when it happened.It was early in the morning, and my wife was enjoying some quiet time with God while the boys and I slept. I was in the midst of a dream about the Woodleigh Replicas that we had visited the day before....

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Stranded Car Barge

The amazing thing about rocks is that you can either climb up them or you can stumble over them! Of course, stumbling over them is not usually done by choice, and sometimes this feat is made much easier by natural elements such as fog or darkness. Unfortunately, one...

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The Barnyard

The day was calm and sunny. All the animals of the barnyard were out of bed, eating their breakfast, and chatting to one another. Ah... life was good in the barnyard! Every day the Farmer brought them their food, and tended to their needs. They had a wonderful barn to...

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