Be Decisive

Quarrel and Strife

"In quarrelling, the truth is always lost."  (Publilius Syrus - First Century B.C.)There is a legend from Greek mythology that the god Hercules was once walking along a narrow road when a strange-looking creature appeared threateningly in front of him. ...

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I have been given a great giftThat may be my redemption or death;Fruit of possibilities it may be,Shade of creation it may speak,But if greed gets his claw in me,Then I will set the world aflameAnd kindle the candle of chaos again.When I am sad and depressed,It is...

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Decisions, Decisions

I face them every day. Some I give little thought to, but others I make only after great deliberation. My life has been filled with decisions. Enough to fill a book. Many of them minor, but quite a few major. I decided to get out of bed this morning and go to work. I...

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The Toughest Times

There are lessons to be learned and people to teach them.I find that to be true in every part of my life. It is important to note that sometimes we are the student and sometimes we are the teacher.So, how do we know if we are learning or teaching?It all depends on our...

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