Clear Conscience, Good Sleep

"If you go to sleep with a clear conscience, you won't have any trouble sleeping," the older gentleman said. And he was right.Whether my conscience bothers me because I've done or said something wrong or whether it's just filled with leftovers and undones from the...

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Good Brakes

My husband and I were walking down a street in downtown Los Angeles. The traffic was a steady flow interrupted now and then by vehicles zooming in and out of the lanes. It made me thankful that I wasn't driving. We were just about to step across an access lane when a...

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Keep a Clear Conscience

"So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man." - Acts 24:16March 18, 1937. The date is chiseled on dozens of tombstones in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in New London, Texas. On the fateful day, some 1200 students were in attendance at the town's only...

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