Dear Jesus

He’s in the Wind

Remembering when I was young,  I asked my momma where God came from. Then, I asked her why she believed In someone she could not see And this is what she said to me ...   "You can't see the wind blowing through our apple trees. But, you know that it's there.  You can...

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Job’s Test

Job was righteous in the eyes of the Lord.He served the Master of his own accord.Then, one day, Satan said, with a grin,"I'll get Job to curse You and cause him to sin."So, God allowed Satan to inflict Job with pain,By destroying his family and material gain.Even...

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Just Know

I know your heart is broken And you're sad and lonely, too And I know you must be thinking That nobody cares for you.   So, when you're feeling disillusioned Overcome with grief and strife Just know the Lord is there beside you He will help rebuild your life.   And...

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Joshua at Jericho

The BattleJoshua was a righteous soul,A brave leader of the Israelites.While waiting on the Lord's command,He kept Jericho in his sights.Now, God had sent an angel,Dressed in armored clad,To destroy the city of JerichoAnd give to Joshua God's plan.Joshua thought God's...

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That First Easter

I know a man called Jesus, Who from His grave arose, On that first Easter morning To vindicate our souls.   He bore the cross of Calvary And shed His blood for you and me. He paid a debt He didn't owe, As through His blood forgiveness flowed.   Then, from His...

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Vickie Lambdin