Dear Jesus

Clinging to His Promise

When a storm is raging in my soul; I ask the Lord to take control. Because I know, He always will, His gentle voice says, "Peace Be Still."   As tempest winds blow wild and free; He casts His anchor out to me. He whispers softly," just hold on." My Saving Grace will...

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His Safe Haven

HTML clipboard in this world, my mind is troubled With these heavy storms of care, I look toward heaven, in awesome wonder, And find my Savior waiting there.   ''Tis faith in Him that still sustains me Until life's stormy waves have past. Troubles vex and seek to pain...

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A Child of God

Lord as I arise with each new day, Help me turn a lost sheep's soul your way. Teach me to be a guiding light, With an humble spirit and a heart contrite.   If someone feels lonely, down and out. Let me ease their sorrow, pain and doubt. Teach me to do your loving...

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Window of Hope

When God closes a door; He opens a window. But the window is narrow, And we can't see the full scope.   But the window He opens; Is a bright new beginning, Filled with love and contentment, \It's our "Window Of Hope."   We're so busy looking at the door that He...

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Riding Out the Storm

I'm just riding out the storms of life Struggling with the waves. I can see a light house beckoning me, Through this foggy haze.   Jesus is the keeper there He is waiting patiently, With His beacon shining 'O so bright" For all the world to see.   And when I...

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Things We Take for Granted

Lord, you know I take for granted, My hearing and my sight. And at times I forget to thank you, When I say my prayers at night.   I feel blessed that I'm not speechless, Lord, So I can spread your precious word, And if I fail to be your messenger, Your...

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Let the Sonshine In

Let the Sonshine in.Let the Sonshine through.Open up your heart, you'll seeJust what the Son can do.He can chase away the darkness,Take away your sins,If you'll just open up your heartAnd let the Sonshine in.He's just waiting in the shadows.He's a patient King.He'll...

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Vickie Lambdin