Dear Jesus

Temptation Hill

Satan met Jesus, on Temptation Hill. He said, "Your prayers are in vain because they're doing my will." They like me, they love me, and they'll do what I say. I'm a Master at deceiving and leading astray.   I've taught them to drink, to lie, cheat, and cuss. How to...

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Our Redeemer’s Birth

So long ago and far away, A King was born on Christmas Day. No satin pillows beneath His head, Just a hay filled manger for a bed.   In a little town called Bethlehem, He was born of God, "The Great I Am." Three wise men came with gifts galore, To worship the Messiah...

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The Sweet Valentine

The sweetest Valentine I know Gave us His own life, long ago. He withstood the torture and the pain So that His loss would be our gain.   There's no love greater, that I can see, Than the One who gave His life for me. His finest gift and sacrifice Has given us Eternal...

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Take It to the Tree

Your burdens seems so heavy, too much for you to bear, And you think that there is no-one who understands or even cares. You're not as close to Jesus as you'd like to be. But, I have some good news for you. You can take it to the tree.   Our Savior understands...

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The Bible Story

Here I am, all covered with dust.Seems I've been here for quite some time.If I were a piece of metal, I'd rust.Oh, how I wish I could speak my mind.My cover is a little tattered and worn,But my pages are still good as newBecause no one has turned them, lately;Like...

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In the Midst

In the midst of trials and troubles,When my life is in despair,I get down on my knees for comfort,And find my Savior waiting there. There's no problem that is greater,Than the love he feels for me,It's higher than the tallest mountain,Deeper than the deep blue sea. He...

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Lest I Fall

Lord take my hand and walk with me, And guide my every step. Because I'm just human, flesh and bone, And You know I'll need your help.   Sometimes I stumble and make mistakes, When I try to heed your call. So lift me up along the way. Stand beside me, least I...

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Vickie Lambdin