Dear Jesus

The Two-Edged Sword

Teach me, O' Lord, to hold my tongue And tell me what to say, If I am tempted to hurt someone Or lead someone astray.   Lord, I don't mean to criticize Or cause them grief or pain. So, help me just to bite my tongue And teach me to refrain.   The tongue is like a two...

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Don’t Cry Mary!

Mary stood crying, at the foot of the cross; Trembling and shaking at the blood her son lost. She tearfully questioned, "God, why must this be, That you've let our son suffer and die on this tree?"   A soft voice, from Heaven, whispered, "Peace, please, be still. I...

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Color Me Christian

Lord, don't let them judge me By the color of my skin. Show them my true colors, Lord, From what lies deep within.   Let them see the love I have, So deep inside, for you. Then, let them see my daily life And Christian attitude.   I want to touch some lonely soul And...

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One Free Gift

The Lord has a gift for you and for me. It's the gift of Salvation, and you know what? "It's free." You can't buy it with money of any amount, No credit cards, checking, or debit account.   Jesus already paid for our gift with His life. Through his blood, sweat, and...

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My Hope Is in Thee

(A Psalm Of Hope) O' Lord, my hope is in thee. My heart seeks Your compassion. My soul crieth out to thee, all the day long. O' Lord, my hope is in thee.   O' Lord, my bones are weary. My eyes burn with tears while I wait upon thee. My lips have nothing but sweet...

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Wisdom From Above

Lord, grant me wisdom from above, To teach lost sheep about your love And tell them how You died to save, From a rugged cross, then, to the grave.   I'll tell them how You rose again, And paid the ransom for their sin About how You healed the blind and lame, Then,...

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I’m Still God!

Don't worry about tomorrow, For it may never come. Don't fret over yesterdays And things you should have done.   Don't carry heavy burdens As, down life's path, you trod. Life is hard enough, without packing that stuff. Just trust me, I'm still God.   Don't think that...

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Vickie Lambdin