Dear Jesus

The Greatest Miracle

I see You in the flowers, Lord. I see You in the rain. I saw Your face in the sunset glow, Just before the nightfall came.   I see You in each miracle That happens from day to day; Like the smile of a newborn baby Or a mare giving birth in the hay.   I see the...

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My Special Valentine

Lord, You are my Valentine; The one that I adore. You gave your life up, just for mine; You thought I was worth dying for.   There's no greater love on earth Than the love You've shown for me; And I could search this whole world over, From sea to shining sea....

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A Prayer Away

Lord, I had a dream of You, last night. You held me in Your arms, so tight. You said that You would always be Just a prayer away from me.   You said that life would ebb and flow, Like the changing tides that come and go; But, if I'd stay grounded in Your word, My...

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Our Gifts of Love

Each time I see a butterfly Or a redbird in a tree, They remind me of the Lord above And nature's gifts He's given me.   The beautiful lakes and mountains The ocean's and the seas, All gifts we take for granted, To do with as we please.   Just look around at...

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Hope Lives

Hope rises higher than the skies, Soaring as the eagle flies; Chasing all of our distant dreams Above the mountains, fields, and streams.   Hope is an anchor for our soul. Without it, we'd be less than whole. But with it, we can do all things Through Jesus Christ, our...

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The Sweetest Name

Lord, your name is music to my ears, As sweet as drops of honey on my tongue, Just as fresh as the raindrops on a flower And as vibrant as the bright and morning sun.   I will praise it to the world and to the heavens. I will shout it from the rooftops and the...

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Your Hand in Mine

Lord, I praise thee with my heart and soul. My lips proclaim Your grace. With the end times near upon us, How I long to see your face.   This world is filled with sorrow, Pain and heartaches by the score. I long to be where tears don't flow And love reigns forevermore...

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Vickie Lambdin