Power of Prayer

This morning I realized that God answers all my prayers, large or small. Maybe I am just more aware of God in my life now that I am getting older and life has knocked me in the head so many times. My past is like a dream sometimes with all it's ups and downs, mostly...

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God’s Grace

Wading through memories,Is not an easy choreJust longing to go backAnd do that once more. But now that I know,I must live for today,The past is forgiven,But won't go away.For this is who I am;This is the real me,And all that was done,Was the way it should be.There's...

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April Rains

When April Rains come pouring down, And all the leaves are green, I have to sing a song of joy, For beauty I have seen.   I hear the songbirds of the morn, Their lovely, lilting sound, It makes me feel such gratitude That all such things abound.   I think I might just...

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Miracles Abound

I believe my entire life has been a miracle! Born in abject poverty in an old shack in Troy, Alabama my life was to be a struggle from the beginning. I was birthed by a midwife, a black lady named Josephine helped my mother bring her fourth child, a daughter, into the...

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I Always Must Pray

Just as there's dark,And then there is day,I can get dark,When I don't get my way.The angel that's sentTo watch over me,Knows when I'm happy,I shout it with glee!Then there are days,In which I am sad,Just why did you haveTo make me so mad?I try to be goodAnd give up...

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When a Tent Becomes Your Home

The people in St. Petersburg, Fl. Were told to pack up and move. They were to be out by Friday as the city had evicted them from the only home they knew.They had formed a city of tents. They are the homeless, those people that most try to ignore. It is difficult for...

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Sharlette Hunt