I Cried

You Are Here

Thank you, my Father, that I can feel Your presence, today.You are so real, as I sit here and pray.   It feels as if You are sitting right here, with me, listening to every single word that I have spoken.   Every thought that has come into my mind; You are listening...

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Just Stop By

I miss you, today, and wish you would stop by.If ever I needed someone to just come and say, "Hi,"It's today, when I feel so lonely and shy.Don't know why there are so many days that pass byThat no one comes to see me, to make my day brighter.I can remember when I...

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He Knew I Needed You!

As I sit here and think of the one that I loveI know that God knew that I needed youOf all the loves that could have been in my lifeHE knew that I needed you Oh how kind you are to me every dayNot once have I worried that you would strayYou are the one that HE sent to...

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Just Dust Me Lord

He made Adam from a piece a clayThat was a very exciting dayHe made Eve, a beauty I believeThen she sinned and had Adam to do as she pleasedThat day brought on so much shameIt was the day that humans understood painJust dust them LordHe made me and Lord I have...

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My Brother

I know God looked down and Saw that I needed a brotherTo love me and protect me Like no other.He sent you into my life For me to love and cherish.I know that you were sent By God, above ...For me to be protected And to be loved.You are not just a brother But a friend,...

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Not Alone

Today as I sit by my window and lookI see a bird that sat by the window and shookHis feathers were ruffled so he fixed them I am sureHis presence was real as I watched his face and eyes so pure I am not alone as he watched me as I looked at his faceSeemingly he was...

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Sarah Berthelson