I Cried

A Flicker Way up in the Sky

One night he (Ky) came home with a bottle of liquor and went to his room. Shay saw him and told his dad and me. George went to his door and asked him to open it and he reluctantly opened the door. I was sitting in the den when he came downstairs crying, and put his...

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How Can I Become a Christian?

One day after the bell had rung for recess, a little girl, I'll call her Anna, came up to my desk and asked how she could become a Christian. First I thought I would choke before a word came out. I was stunned; you see Anna was a Jew. I knew the difficulty Anna would...

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May I Run This Race, Lord?

Today I feel weary and a little bit wornI need to go visit the elderly ladyThe baby that was just bornMay I run this race, Lord?Oh how I would like to be physically fitWith a healthy body, plenty of energy and a little witTo be a pleasure to someone each dayMay I run...

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Lord Jesus, Just Show Me!

Lord Jesus just show me what you would have me doI feel so empty when I have done nothing for youGive me a vision today to love unconditionallyTo pray unselfishly and be of help to someone Lord Just Show MeI need to have a mission that is from you LordNot just sit and...

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Qualifying for a Baby

Another year had passed when George and I decided we would go to an adoption agency and see if we would qualify for a baby. We went through this long grueling procedure over the course of a year and finally our home was `set-up'. The agent told us all we had to do now...

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God’s Holy Word

Today I bought a new BibleJust because I wanted toI have worn out three or fourReading His word makes me want more I know the Bible is His inspired wordIt speaks to me like nothing I've heardHe is there just speaking to me   Every verse speaks to me so clearlyThat I...

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Sarah Berthelson