I Cried

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, how thankful I am for the life that He gave.On that cross He died for me to be saved.Have a thankful Thanksgiving!I look around and see the sick, the hurting, the sorrow.It is to Jesus we look and no fear we should borrow.Have a thankful Thanksgiving!I am so...

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Vacation With God

Vacation means to get away. rest and reflect So often we go wherever we please but God we reject Vacation with God   At home we are active in church and spiritual things On vacation it is the world we often cling Vacation with God   No time for God since we  are...

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I Am Sure

Today as I thought about what is realI realized just Jesus is what I feelHe is the one who has saved my soulI am sureJesus died on the cross to save meFor me to share His love with others It is in His word for all to readI am sureGod will listen to my prayersWhen I...

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Thank You Mother!

Mother you are thought of each and every dayI cannot forget for a moment when I prayTo thank my God for what you sayThank You MotherWhen I think of my blessingsThe first one is youWho loved me and taught me the right thing to doThank You MotherIf there was ever a role...

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An Extra Van

There was a time that I came into possession of a nice van while helping another family out of a financial crisis. It was an extra vehicle and I was not sure what I was going to do with it.This particular evening I took a prayer walk around my neighborhood. When I got...

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Dealing With Grief

Shay moved home soon after Ky's death. It was such a blessing to have him with me but now I could see the grief in his eyes and as well as those of his father. We were hurting! It would not go away for any of us. It was there and it was real. I wanted to comfort my...

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A Flicker Way up in the Sky

One night he (Ky) came home with a bottle of liquor and went to his room. Shay saw him and told his dad and me. George went to his door and asked him to open it and he reluctantly opened the door. I was sitting in the den when he came downstairs crying, and put his...

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Sarah Berthelson