I Cried

Today Is Labor Day

Labor Day is a day of fun and fellowship Most just know is it a  holiday or a day off Yes  it is but we are to honor  those who are not They go to work and earn their keep   Many works in the day hours and others don't get much sleep...

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I Desire to Be Worthy

Lord Jesus I come to you today Asking to forgive me as I pray For the lack of service to you I desire to be worthy   Forgive me for not seeking your face As I start my day and began to race Into the world to do whatever I please  I desire to be worthy...

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day, my dear one.If I had lots of money, to you I would sendA basketful of flowers ~ to let you know I care.Happy Mothers Day!If I could fly my wings, I would spreadTo your side. I would be to hug you, instead;To let you know I love you, on this special...

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Just a Miracle From above

Forty two years ago a young lady appeared in my life In a miraculous way she gave me a baby boy who was a delight She was an unwed mother who did not want to abort I wanted a baby more than anything in this world She came from far away to give me this one she loved...

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In Memory of You…

We have put the flag out at half  mast Will place flowers on your grave There will be picnics and celebration In memory of you   Thank you dear one for giving your all You were there to answer the call America needs help, yet you may fall You went there for me to be...

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Christ is Christmas

If we take Christ out there is no Christmas We celebrate the birth of our savior How can we call it anything but Christmas Jesus Christ was born to save us from sin How do we think that Christmas began It is all about Jesus so don't tell me To say Happy Holidays  ...

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Sarah Berthelson