The Nail

God Bless This Little Bird

It is easy to believe nowadays that children are being raised without religion and that as a consequence they are not alive to the sufferings of others and may be even be lacking compassion. That this is not always so was made clear to me in precise detail one spring...

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Bats, Owls, Lions, Wolves and Lambs

It wasn’t a lamb and a lion that I saw lying down together by the side of the US 2 near mile marker 78 in Idaho’s panhandle as I was bringing Gay back home after her trip to Portland Oregon to see three of her four children. It was a lion, a rare, almost unheard of,...

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True Love

It was an extraordinary story he told, but I was not surprised. I called my old friend Mike Wright, having heard that he had had some serious health issues in the last couple of weeks, and those I had spoken to confirmed that he was lucky to be alive. Mike and Millie...

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Ronnie Bray