Don’t Borrow Your Tragedies

The Bus Stop

A cold wind whipped across my hemline as I scurried across the street to the bus stop. Head bent down watching my feet so as not to slip, I stepped up on the sidewalk and hurried over to the sun-bleached bench. I sat on the edge of the bench next to a well-dressed...

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Prayer for All

As many of you know, my life as a single mom is filled pain and joy and there is always something to do and a chore left undone. However I would much rather take my young son Caleb swimming than fold that clean load of laundry.Through the years as a single parent I’ve...

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Those Old Bony Knees

Sweeping meadows, covered bridges, fields of tall corn and a rambling old farmhouse. That is how I remember my childhood summers. Every summer I would visit my grandparents in southern Illinois. I would spend at least a month there in the countryside surrounded by...

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Train up a Child

As parents we try to set good examples for our children. We teach them to honor God and lead fulfilling spiritual lives. However, in troubled times the heaviness of reality weighs upon us and obscures our vision. We wonder what could have gone wrong. We need to...

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Renee Ripley