Being Involved, but Not Committed

I recall once when at a church I was attending, the pastor asked if I would help him set up a visitation program for his Sunday School. The church was among the finest in the city, and in a prime location.Located on a major U.S. highway, directly across the avenue...

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The Property Next Door

Once, when pastoring a church in Middle-Georgia, we were faced with the need of relocating our church because of a number of factors. After fasting with prayer in seeking God’s Wisdom as to the best course to take, I remember one Sunday while in morning worship...

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Rowing, Rowing and Rowing

I remember reading once about an old farmer who enjoyed drinking “moonshine,” and every so often he would go up into a remote area of the mountains where there was a liquor still, and get him a gallon. The only way to get there was to go across an enormously wide...

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Satan Is Not Their Problem

Over the years God has been so gracious to allow me insight regarding aspects of a deeper walk with Him. Often times He has awakened me around 3 ‘oclock in the morning to talk with me, and hopefully I can share some of these times with you as we visit together.I...

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Raleigh D. Jenkins