The Last Gift

The Real Golfer

One of my favorite PGA players is without a doubt Phil Mickelson. During an interview with late-night talk-show host Conan O'Brien, Phil was asked what he would do to celebrate winning the Masters. Would he be drinking a lot? Mickelson said, "I'll spend time with my...

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Lost and Found

One dear old duffer on our course has given up on golf altogether. Oh, he doesn't mind hitting a ball now and then, but if you're standing near the tee box when he swings, you'll notice that he purposely aims for the creek. And when the ball goes where he intended, he...

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True Strength

During the past few years the friend I've golfed with more than any other is Mike Olver. Mike is younger than me, slightly shorter, but monumentally stronger. In fact, Mike has muscles in places where I don't even have places. He sometimes asks which club I am using...

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Hope for Christmas

It is Saturday morning. Outside the restaurant, broad fluffy snowflakes are quietly burying memories of fall. Christmas is around the next corner. Near me parents and children are munching happily, storing energy so they don't drop when they shop.Across the table sits...

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Phil Callaway