Daddy … Who’s Jesus?

Precious Baby

Precious baby I came, I saw..........those tiny feet and hands; It breaks My heart for into the future I saw spikes driven into them by man. Rest now My’ Son, for the time will come and I dread that horrid day; Through no fault or sins of your own it is You who have...

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He looked into the future and felt every lash of the whip as it tore into His flesh;He knew this day would come that the two would have to mesh.He could feel the roughness of the wooden cross against a back that was raw;His accusers said He did wrong….that He...

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This Christ Child

What will happen to this baby, Mary knows someday they must part;God stepped into the future and it nearly broke His’ heart.This Christ child, on Him they will place the blame;All because he was sent to save the world in God’s Holy name.Hold tight your 1st born, Mary,...

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Blood on My Hands

With tears running down my face and blood on my hands;I knew I was crucifying a humble, innocent man.It was my job and I had to do it or I, too, would die;This man called Christ He took it all in stride.I was in charge but I did not let them see me break down;I felt...

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Don’t Pack Away Jesus…

When you put your Christmas tree and decorations away;Don’t put away that baby, who slept in the hay.We celebrated His’ birth it was a celebration of victory over sin and the grave;The baby grew to be our Lord…..please, don’t pack Him away.Why honor Him with...

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Don’t Tell Me X….mas

Don’t tell me Merry X………..Mas, or Happy Holiday;For I believe in the Christ child and the manger where He lay.To me, X stands for nothing, and that’s not the case;Christ is Christmas He’s my foundation, my base.If you are going to use symbols, then use the correct...

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Pat Finn