Déjà Vu

Elim II

He has the power to deliver us all,From the powers that makes us fall.When we look around and all we see,Is a future, where all is dark and bleak.He is our haven and dearest home,For he has given us his divine spirit,To guide us through the raging storm,And light our...

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The lord delivered the children of Israel,From the strong grip of slavery,In the ancient land of Egypt,That has been their dearest haven.They traveled while the Spirit of God,Ride on the wings of a murky cloud,Through the land and through the sea,To a land divine,...

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I have been given a great giftThat may be my redemption or death;Fruit of possibilities it may be,Shade of creation it may speak,But if greed gets his claw in me,Then I will set the world aflameAnd kindle the candle of chaos again.When I am sad and depressed,It is...

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Three Wishes

If fate smiles upon meAnd bestows upon me three wishes,I will wish only for youWithout a second thought.I will wish that you love meThe same way I love you—And that I be found in the centerOf your dreams, the same way you are in mine.If I have you, I have life in...

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A Plea

By the channels of my dreamsThe strange echoes are calling.Let the darkness withdrawThat the light may come in…I love to feed the birdsThat plays by the seaside,But this krill in my handsNow nourish no seabirds.My freedom was rudely takenLest I lose the wealth of my...

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Their beauty is pure and divine,Easily seen in their dimples and smiles.Who will see the beauty in their eyes,And not melt like cream and ice?As the heaven is for the angelsAnd the earth is for mortal men,So is beauty for the younglings.If love can be seen in...

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Okunola Peace