Cry Out

Living With Uncertainty

“Are you going to heaven when you die?” I asked. “I hope so,” she replied. It wasn’t the answer I was looking for but it would have to do.My grandmother and I were taking an afternoon walk when I asked the question. I’m not sure what prompted me to ask-childhood...

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Lonely in the Crowd

I was surrounded by people but lonely and depressed.My family was turned upside down. A spouse walked away, a daughter left for college and a son moved in with his mom. Only the dog and I were left, and he just lay around and slept.But a loving church family adopted...

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Love Debt

There he was again. I saw him moving up quickly in my rearview mirror. A tail rider.People who ride my bumper set me on edge. I know the law of stopping and speed. One car length for every ten miles per hour I'm traveling, but some people don't honor it.Riding me on a...

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Mentor? Who, Me?

Walt Kowalski was a grumpy old man who didn’t care much for anybody.Clint Eastwood directed, produced and starred in Gran Torino, a movie detailing Walt’s life as a bitter recently widowed Korean War veteran. He didn’t like his family who was after his money, the...

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No Extra Credit Needed

"Is there anything I can do for extra credit?"I considered the source and the question; one I had been asked quite a few times. Occasionally I consent, but most of the time I utter a simple "No." What I really want to say is, "If you would do what I disperse, you...

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Old Wine, New Wineskins

It was 2010 and Upstate South Carolina was expecting snow. My wife and I were visiting for the holidays and were excitedly anticipating a white Christmas. It had been forty-seven years since snow had graced the Upstate on Christmas Day.Most of Christmas day was rainy....

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Martin Wiles