Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Trusting in the Storms

Lightning peeled and thunder rolled. All protecting us was a tent.My brother and I were camping in the Smokies. The day was beautiful, but darkness brought dramatic changes. Storms rolled in bringing deafening thunder, keen lightning and torrential rain. Our tents...

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Walking in Valleys

Situated within the Mojave Desert in eastern California is the lowest, driest and hottest location in North America.On July 10, 1913, the highest reported temperature in the Western Hemisphere, 134 degrees Fahrenheit, was reported at Furnace Creek in Death Valley-a...

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Big Dog-Itis

He's a diminutive Deer head Chihuahua, but he has big dog-itis.Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dogs and are named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Archaeological finds and folklore disclose that the breed originated in Mexico and probably descended from the...

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Bumps in the Dark

I watched as teenagers donned the glasses and attempted to walk. None were successful. They bumped into chairs, bruised shins and some almost fell. They couldn't walk because they were drunk-or at least felt they were.We had enlisted a local law enforcement officer to...

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Chewing Gum for God

"Hey, I'm going home to chew my gum," he yelled from the bus as my wife and I entered the resale store where we were vendors. I was clueless, although it didn't surprise me that she would connect with someone by using gum. Only later did the story unfold.While working...

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Clear Conscience, Good Sleep

"If you go to sleep with a clear conscience, you won't have any trouble sleeping," the older gentleman said. And he was right.Whether my conscience bothers me because I've done or said something wrong or whether it's just filled with leftovers and undones from the...

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Conquering Depression

Charlie* was a good girl. Though her father rarely darkened the church doors, her mother made sure she and her brothers attended. She accepted Jesus as a teenager during a church revival and after graduation married her high school sweetheart. They soon entered...

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Martin Wiles