Don’t Worry, Be Happy


No Extra Credit Needed

"Is there anything I can do for extra credit?"I considered the source and the question; one I had been asked quite a few times. Occasionally I consent, but most of the time I utter a simple "No." What I really want to say is, "If you would do what I disperse, you...

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Old Wine, New Wineskins

It was 2010 and Upstate South Carolina was expecting snow. My wife and I were visiting for the holidays and were excitedly anticipating a white Christmas. It had been forty-seven years since snow had graced the Upstate on Christmas Day.Most of Christmas day was rainy....

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Perspectives on Fate

I don't remember the first one I attended, but I'm sure I couldn't see.Everyone loves a parade. From small towns to large cities, people come to watch bands, floats, clowns, tractors, horses, fire engines, and if it's a Christmas parade, Santa.Seeing the parade is...

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Regaling Our Reputation

REPUTATIONS ARE LIKE credit. Once ruined, restoring them is complicated.Greg was a distant cousin and rebel who was somewhat of an idol for seventies teenagers with rebellious tendencies. He was into the "hippie scene" complete with long hair, boots, beads, and a...

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Power to Forgive

He sat across from his friend-the one having an affair with his wife. He didn’t know he knew, but he was about to.John raged when his wife confessed. He suspected something was awry but had no proof. That was before his friend’s wife caught them, exposing the whole...

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It was beautiful. Vibrant leaves. Gorgeous blooms. But it wasn’t getting much taller.Crepe Myrtles are one of my favorite trees, so I planted one. The single trunk soon multiplied into many and suckers nipped at the base. It grew only a few inches by the second year....

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Martin Wiles