Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Temptation: Have To? Or Want To?

"Let's get something to drink." The offer disembarked from a deacon's son who attended my church . . . and he wasn't referring to a soft drink.My consensus began a long and shameful journey into the world of alcohol. Christians debate whether alcohol is permissible or...

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Why Worship God?

I've been doing it since before I was born, but occasionally I stop and wonder why.Going to church was never an option while I lived with my parents. Other than my paternal grandparents, my first babysitters were the ladies in the church nursery. When I attended "big...

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Where is the Missing Piece?

I've never been challenged by one. Annoyed is more like it.Jigsaw puzzles aren't my forte. Trying to arrange 500 small pieces of cardboard into what it originally was isn't my idea of a fun day. But I've known people who could sit for hours pouring over the tiny...

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When Illness Strikes

Dan needed a new heart. The one he had was worn out, but he died before receiving it. Frank only needed a new valve. He got it, and the operation was successful. But the recovery wasn't. He contracted Mercer and died in the hospital.Fred was dying from a life...

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When God Moves His Hand

Dad taught me to ride a bike. I don't specifically remember it, but I know he either held the bike and ran beside me or gave me a push. I know because that's normal "teach a kid to ride a bike" behavior. And like most kids, I probably fell a few times before getting...

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Managing Stress

"A good man always knows his limitations." A statement made by Clint Eastwood to his lieutenant in "Magnum Force (1973)-"one of his "Dirty Harry" series, when the lieutenant was bragging that he'd never taken his gun from its holster.Jesus managed his human...

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Living ith a Clear Conscience

I once knew an elderly gentleman who loved to say, "I don't have any trouble sleeping because I go to bed with a clear conscience." I suppose his nightly Benadryl didn't hurt any, but I got his point. And having watched his lifestyle, I knew why he slept well.As Paul...

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Martin Wiles