The Mouse and the Light

War and the P-Word

In a nation at war, peace is suddenly a dirty word.This is what I was told in an urgent phone call from someone in publishing who insisted that I drop my role in a project called "Pass it on for Peace." The project entails the creation of a traveling, growing library...

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I covered war from the Middle East, spent years living aboard a sailboat witnessing the natural world give way to greedy developers, returned to land and found it necessary to weave my words into tales of terror, Anthrax, hate and fear. I was beginning to think there...

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The Leaf and the Wind

Leaf looked out across the broad, dawn-pink sky and down over the beautiful spring garden. The dewy breeze grazed it and left it shimmering, fluttering.As it moved, Leaf saw all the corners of the garden with its flowers, bushes, trees and animals. Leaf stretched to...

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Lisa Suhay