Enjoy Your Nectarines …

And remember genuine service and quality product builds a great business I live in an area where there a number of what can be described as the traditional family run corner stores. From my perspective, the success and viability of the corner store business is totally...

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Yusuf – He’s My Brother

Just recently I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for an early morning meeting followed by a series of additional meetings, all in the same office. It was one of those 'down and back in one day trips', so fortunately I only needed to carry my brief case so I could go...

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Genuine and Caring Leadership

It was a warm, humid and very still Saturday morning in early January, typical of the weather you expect in Sydney in the middle of a hot Australian summer. I was out of bed early as the first task of the day was to take my car to my local tire service centre for a...

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All Part of My Job

Recently, a business associate and I went to call on a retail customer, and we experienced one of the real challenges in visiting a very large regional shopping centre that is over 2kms long, with in excess of 300 shops spread over three shopping levels. How do find a...

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Reflecting on the Good Times

I had arrived at the airport about 30 minutes before the required check in to catch an early flight home. It had been a very busy three days for me on an interstate trip with lots of meetings, business to do and new customers to meet. So I was glad to have the extra...

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Keith Ready