Pray Me Home, Mama!


During a board meeting, the owner of a huge chain of fast-food restaurants announced his plans to pose as an entry-level employee at various restaurants in order to see what was going on.So, he left his family, mansion, limousine, and other luxuries he normally...

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When It Matters

One day, years ago, when the concrete slab was finally poured for our new house, I e-mailed that good news to family and friends who had been agonizing with us over the slow start on the house. During the two months that had elapsed since we’d broken ground, they’d...

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All That You Have

The squirrel continued to speedily devour the sunflower seeds despite the attack mounted against him by the half dozen or so blackbirds that had also come to feed that morning. They desperately wanted him to leave so they could have their turn on the 12x24-inch board...

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Not an Easy Road

While traveling to visit some friends in rural South Georgia, my husband and I were relying on a GPS unit to direct us there. Since the Global Positioning System (GPS) receives information from a network of satellites orbiting the earth, it can pinpoint the user’s...

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God Has a Plan

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, yet he travels around the world, enjoys fishing, plays golf, and even surfs. “I love living life,” he says. “And I’m happy.”But he hasn’t always felt that way. When he was around eight years old, the teasing he endured from...

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Love That Lasts

When I noticed an elderly couple walking with slow and halting steps across the church parking lot, I thought about what an effort they must have made in order to attend the Wednesday night service. Since my mother-in-law and I reached our seats inside the sanctuary...

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When I Am Afraid

“Nana, you’ll love this ride,” Ryan said. “So, come on!”Noticing my hesitation, he said, “You’ll be able to get some great pictures.”Then, he stood there, grinning at me, knowing how hard it was for me to turn down an opportunity to take photographs.“I’m sure I...

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Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill