God’s Ways Are Awesome

Brand Ambassador

In our daily lives, on the busy streets, in the newspapers everyday or on every TV channel we observe several products being advertised. Many of them are promoted by a celebrity. A recent survey says several celebrities earn much more by promoting a product than their...

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Buy One, Get One Free

As I open the newspaper everyday or walk past a hoarding or switch on the TV I often come across the freebies offered to consumers. "Buy one: Get one Free" is the slogan of today's marketing. You buy a pressure cooker and a frying pan is free; you buy a cot and the...

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Jesus, the Only Way!

October 17th 2004 was the Thanksgiving service in IMC (Indiranagar Methodist Church). We looked back to thank God for all the mercies we have received during the year. Yes, I look back… A year has gone. October 17th 2003 I had my biopsy which confirmed that I was in...

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Jayshree Augustine