Happiness… What’s the Secret?

So glad you decided to take a little breather in the midst of a hurried world.First, I want to say, “Thank you!” How absolutely grateful I am to those who inquired about the results of my eye procedure. I know, it’s kind of crazy being blind and talking about this....

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Passing on the Gift

My commitment to a diet vanishes at the mention of Mother’s Day. Creamy Chocolate and other goodies are often tucked inside colorful wrapping paper for me on this special day.Though this holiday is often expressed with flowers and candy, sadly, neither lasts very...

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What My Father Left Behind

At 13 years of age, my parents and I visited an ophthalmologist. As I sat in the examining chair, my face firmly on the chin rest and pupils dilated, the doctor looked into my eyes, shining a bright light."She did inherit it," he said with coldness. "You need to be...

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What Will You Hand Out?

Everyone talks about them. Some are hesitant about them, while others are annoyed by them. And some, like me, keep them.I’m talking about New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve kept one from years ago. It resulted from an interaction with a receptionist in a doctor’s...

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My Devine Captain

I stuffed my swimsuit in a corner of my suitcase, which already bulged with sportswear, evening gowns, shoes, and toiletries. Then, I searched through every drawer and compartment under our bathroom sink, "Honey, do you remember where we put our suntan lotion?"My...

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Janet Eckles