So I Made a Fool of Myself

“We’re going to the beach,” my 3-year old granddaughter squealed and hopped up and down with excitement.At this point, I don’t think she realizes that her Nannah is blind. Since I show her things, I pretend to read to her, walk with her, change her, bathe her and do...

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Before You Swing Your Feet Off the Bed

“Please come with me to the conference room,” the voice said above my cubicle.I swallowed hard. My hands began to moisten and my heart drummed. Days prior, I’d fought a lump in my throat when my closest co-worker was escorted to the parking lot. With purse in hand,...

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So, He Lied to Me!

Don’t you just hate him? He deserves no mention. But reality plops him right before us. And to make it worse, his presence invades our life with daring boldness precisely when God is working something good through us.You know who I’m talking about. Here’s a disgusting...

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Anxious About the Dash

I squirmed in my seat when a speaker said, “When you walk through any cemetery, you see three things on each tombstone: the birth date, a dash and the date of death. Out of the three, the most meaningful is the dash, for it represents your life.” After a pause, he...

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When My Mind Is Mush

One evening, a few months back, I sat at my computer, my fingers dancing on the keyboard, when hubby walked in. “You won’t believe this…but it’s 95% certain I can’t go.”He’s got to be kidding! We’d planned this vacation for a year; it was paid for in full. We’d looked...

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He Taught Me to See

Just after my 13th birthday and only a year after we’d arrived in the United States, my parents and I visited an ophthalmologist.I sat in the examining chair with my face firmly on the chin rest and pupils dilated. As the doctor shone a bright light he said, “She did...

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Untangling My Mess

One hot summer day, my friend's Dad grabbed his fishing pole and called out to his kids, "Okay everybody, get your poles and get in the boat."Among giggles and silly antics echoing through the lake, all five kids climbed in the small motor boat. It rocked and swayed...

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Janet Eckles