Be Quiet Still

My friend settled in the driver's seat. “Ready?”“Sure am.” Seated in the passenger's seat, I buckled my seat belt. “Good thing we have that GPS to guide us, huh?”Her new luxurious car promised to make our two-hour trip a true delight. All those gadgets that resemble a...

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Holding on to His Hand

Out of habit, I felt for the light switch in our bathroom. I flipped it on, but… the darkness remained. I held my breath and my muscles tightened.It was that day I dreaded. I knew it would come, but I held on to a glimpse of hope that my eyesight wouldn’t close in...

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He Saw Me Crying

“I’m okay, honey,” I said to my seven-year old son, Jason as I pressed a piece of ice on my forehead.“Are you crying?” he asked.I brushed a tear off my cheek and nodded, but my heart ached. How can I tell these little ones that their mommy was going blind? Will that...

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Cure for Ugly Feet

Whoa! I'm talking ugly feet!"Here," the Asian young man said as he guided me to his station.I eased on the chair. And the hot water in the basin gave off steam while the jets gurgled loudly. I sunk my feet and leaned back. The pedicure was long overdue. A little treat...

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Why Is He Recalculating?

It’s not fair. I was very proud of my job as the navigator for the family. Back in 1996 we moved to Orlando for hubby to take on the job of Director of Merchandise, for Walt Disney World.A dream come true for our three small sons, but a bit of a nightmare for me....

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Janet Eckles