When Hope Is ALL You’ve God…

"Good morning everyone," the TV announcer said. "Let me correct that. There is nothing good about this morning of September 26, 2004."Trying to maintain composure, we tracked the path of Hurricane Frances. At first, the action outside was not much different than the...

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Lord, I’m About to Faint!

Feeling weak these days? We all do. We face those struggles. There's so much on our plate, so much to resolve and so little strength to keep going.I was there many times. And it began when in my freshman year of high school, while on that race track as I held the...

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You’re NOT Alone!

My granddaughter blew her birthday candles out on her 12th birthday. It seems like only yesterday when fear attacked me. At three months, she was hospitalized for ailments that puzzled doctors.They ordered tests and more tests, but no answers. We paced back and forth...

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Janet Eckles