From Bed to Bed

Be Careful What You Watch

The only thing worse than shopping is watching someone shop. Except for my wife, of course. I don't mind at all following her around a mall for two or three hours. I show my interest periodi­cally with pleasant little grunts-"Umph"; "Uh-huh"; "Ahh-hum." Sometimes I...

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Bad Intentions

I led an outreach of 200 students from Christ for the Nations Institute to Mardi Gras in 1979. We focused most of our ministry on Bourbon Street, where the biggest portion of the partying occurs. I have seen few places where darkness rules so dominantly as it does at...

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The Cyst

Several years ago my wife, Ceci, developed a troubling pain in her abdomen. It began as a minor discomfort and grew in intensity over the course of a year, at which time she went to have it checked. The doctor found an ovarian cyst about the size of a large egg. He...

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Devastating Tornado

Gail Mummert, a member of our fellowship in Colorado Springs, shared this remarkable testimony of protection during a kairos moment in Lancaster, Texas:As we were driving home in threatening weather, my husband, Gene, turned on the radio for a local report. Funnel...

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Dutch Sheets